Thanks – Evaluation – Proceedings

Dear colleagues and friends,

it is now already almost two months that we all met in Münster for ICCC/EUCHIS 2015. We are still happily looking back to a very stressful, but also tremendously rewarding time. We are extremely grateful to all of you who have contributed to the wonderful atmosphere we had, and of course also for the high quality of the scientific contributions – poster and oral presentations, discussions and exhibitions. We were particularly pleased to see that the plenary Future of ChitosanS sessions were well attended, and that the poster sessions combined with the industrial exhibition really turned into the core of the conference. Our sincere thanks go to the companies who have contributed to this success with sending or bringing their exhibits, and a very special thank you of course goes to the sponsors who supported the conference also financially: Heppe Medical Chitosan; Münster – Allianz für Wissenschaft; WeissBioTech; BioLog Heppe GmbH; Synolyne; S.I.I.T, SriBiotech, ChiPro, Ynsect, InFiQus, Medovent, Fraunhofer IZI, Compo, VWR, AAPS PharmSciTech, American Elements, CuChiBCA, ChitoBioEngineering and Nano3Bio.

To maintain the memories, we installed a picture gallery on the conference homepage, to be accessed via In this gallery, our photo-team arranged a little slideshow to embark on a journey through ICCC/EUCHIS 2015. If you took pictures yourself and are willing to share them, you can upload them via the same link.

ICCC/EUCHIS 2015 stands in a long line of successful prior meetings on which we were allowed to build. We have tried, as every organizer does, to add our own touch. We were lucky that the meeting fell into a time when second generation chitosans are becoming available not only for research purposes, but for the development of commercial applications, too. And third generation chitosans are already on the horizon, as was clearly apparent at the conference. We therefore trust that the follow-up meetings – next year in India, 2017 in Spain, and 2018 in Japan – will be even more exciting than this year’s Münster meeting, with an even stronger industrial participation, with all of you and hopefully even more new faces who are attracted into our “chitin/chitosan family”. We are looking forward to meeting all of you again there!

As always, the main burden of organization lay with the students and young researchers of our groups who donated precious time from their busy theses schedules. To make organization of ICCC/EUCHIS 2015 an even more rewarding learning experience – for them, but also for us – and to support organizers of the next chitin and chitosan conferences mentioned above, we have prepared a short online evaluation questionnaire ( which we would like to ask all of you to quickly fill in. It will take you only a few minutes, and it will help us and others to further improve future conferences. Please note that the poll will of course be completely anonymous.

It is now also time to work on the Proceedings of our conference. We have prolonged the deadline for submission until the end of November. As you know from our website (, we can offer several options for publication of results you presented at ICCC/EUCHIS 2015. Namely, these are:

–     Advances in Chitin Sciences Vol. XVI

–     Pure and Applied Chemistry of IUPAC

–     Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Please find the instructions, including a template for Advances in Chitin Science, on the website. If you are planning to submit your paper to “Pure and Applied Chemistry” or “Journal of AAPS”, please let us know immediately (via the email address below!) the title of your paper and your contact details, as we need to get in contact with the journal editors. We will assist you in the rest of the process.

When submitting your title and contact details (in case of PAC or AAPS) or your manuscript (in case of Adv Chi Sci), please send it to the following E-mail address: – SHOULD YOU HAVE SENT YOUR MANUSCRIPT ALREADY TO EITHER BRUNO OR FRANCISCO DIRECTLY, PLEASE SEND IT AGAIN TO THE ABOVE MAIL ADDRESS!), please indicate which option for publication you prefer (if there is no special wish from you, we assume you want it published in Advances in Chitin Science Vol. XVI). The AAPS journal option of course is open only to manuscripts fitting the scope of the journal, namely pharmaceutical sciences, and both the AAPS and the IUPAC journal options will accept only a limited number of manuscripts. Therefore, if one of these is your first choice, please indicate whether in case your manuscript is not selected there, you want it to be included in the Advances in Chitin Science Vol. XVI. For that latter option, we have no limitation in the number of manuscripts, but they will of course be accepted only after critical peer-review. Peer-review will be mostly carried out by the members of the International Scientific Advisory Board who already helped in selecting the contributions for the conference, in shaping the sessions, and in keeping up the scientific quality of all contributions. We would like to take this opportunity to cordially thank them once again for their continuous support.

And thank you all again for joining ICCC/EUCHIS 2015, for all your contributions, your patience and understanding if things went not as perfectly smooth as planned, for your support, and last but not least, for all your kind words. See you soon at one of the next chitin/chitosan meetings

With our warmest wishes,

Bruno and Francisco with the whole organizing team