Abstract Submission

If you plan to present your results at ICCC / EUCHIS 2015, please submit an abstract via this website. All abstracts will be subject to peer review by the members of the International Scientific Board of the congress. Deadline for abstract submission is April 30, 2015; acceptance, possibly pending revision, or decline will be communicated within one week. As a quality management measure, all contributors will have to present a minimum analysis of the chitin / chitosan they have used in their work.

When submitting, please indicate the subject area to which your abstract fits best. Please also indicated whether you wish your abstract to be considered for oral presentation during one of the Oral Sessions and/or during the pre-conference Young Researcher Symposium (if you are eligible) – selections for these two types of oral presentation are independent of each other. If in case of poster presentation you do NOT wish to be selectable for presentation during the Speed Talk Session (and thus, for one of the poster prizes), you will also have to indicate this.

Abstract submission is closed