We are offering a number of sponsoring opportunities with attractive benefits. ICCC/Euchis 2015 will be a door-opener to the emerging markets for well-defined, second generation chitosans, e.g. in agriculture, biomedicine, or cosmetics. By sponsoring the world’s most important meeting on chitin and chitosan, you can increase your visibility to a global audience of scientists from companies, research institutes, and authorities who are interested in developing and promoting chitosan-based products and chitosan-related services. – For details, please contact the organisers.

Download: Sponsoring Form (.pdf/ 524 kB)


As an integral part of EUCHIS / ICCC 2015, we will be organizing an Exhibition focusing on ongoing large chitosan-related projects, chitosan-based products, and chitosan-relevant technologies.

Chitosan-Related Projects
If you are the coordinator or a participant of an ongoing (or recently finished) coordinated research project related to chitosan, we are offering you an ideal opportunity for dissemination of your approaches and results. We are planning to offer exhibition space for up to ten selected projects in the central foyer of the conference site, i.e. in a very prominent space where all participants will pass several times per day. We are offering two different display options, either as a poster (up to 1 m wide x 2 m high) only (500 €) or as a small stand (1000 €). For more information and registration, please contact the organizer.

Chitosan-Based Products and Chitosan-Relevant Technologies
In one or two spacious white tents situated in front of the auditoria of the conference site and directly next to the catering tents, we will organize the exhibition of chitosan-based products and chitosan-relevant technologies. These tents will also be the area of the four Poster Sessions with happy hour, and they will also house lounge spaces where participants can meet and discuss, with free WiFi access, so that they will be frequented well. We can offer several different options for your stand, from a simple table to e.g. display books to complex stands of up to 2 x 4 m². The tents will be air conditioned and will have electricity and water as well as internet access. They will be guarded at night. For more information and a quote, please contact the organizer.

We believe that the most important task of a scientific conference is to support communication – between young, eager researchers and older, experienced scientists, between scientists from academia and industry, between producers and users, etc. This is why Poster Sessions and the Exhibition are so important to us, and this is also why we plan to organize a Match-Making event to facilitate meetings which might otherwise be difficult to realize. Thus, be prepared to have your picture taken at the registration desk (unless you absolutely disagree) or bring your own electronic picture. We will display these pictures with the names of the participants at a large wall in the foyer of the conference site, so that everyone can easily identify everyone. We will offer an electronic match-making tool in order to bring together people who want to interact – this might be particularly helpful for young, e.g. doctoral researchers who want to talk to one of the older, renowned scientists who are always surrounded by a crowd of friends and colleagues, or for industrial participants who looking for an expert in a special field. We trust that everyone will be willing to participate in this event which during one hour will allocate 5-minutes-slots to make contact and, hopefully, arrange for a more leisurely meeting later, e.g. in one of the lounge areas in the exhibition tents or in the central foyer. Access to this APP-based Match-Making tool will be provided during registration, it can be reached using your smart-phone or notebook via free WiFi, or through one of the computers made available on-site.