Satellite Events

Mucoadhesion: Principles and Testing Methods

Carla Caramella
Francisco M. Goycoolea

Wednesday 2th September 14.30 to 18.30 h
Thursday 3th September 9:30 to 12:30 h


Mucoadhesion is a complex phenomenon whose mechanisms are not yet completely understood. Given the potential ​of mucoadhesive formulations not only for pharmaceutical but also for biomedical and cosmetic applications, there is a need to ​Better understanding of the mucoadhesion phenomena as well as set​ting​ up and validat​ing​ testing methods. Chitosans​, besides other natural and synthetic polymers​,​
are ​at the centerpiece of focus of these investigations.​

The Symposium will aim to present an update overview of the subject with emphasis on the ​following aspects that will be addressed by international invited experts in the field​:

  • Classification of testing methods for mucoadhesion
  • Methods to study the interactions with mucin in solution
  • Particle diffusion and permeation ​in mucus​
  • Microfluidic approaches to study mucoadhesion
  • Functionality mucoadhesion tests (mechanical tests and dynamic tests)
  • How to set up a performance test (in the regulatory perspective)
  • Validation of mucoadhesion test (an example for an inclined test method)
  • Mucoadhesion, mucolytic properties and mucus penetration, testing differences and similarities

 COST MP1206  – Workshop on Electrospinning of ChitosanS


Dr. Gustavo R Rivera-Rodriguez , WWU Münster
Prof. Jose Maria Lagaron , IATA, CSIC
Prof. Ioannis Chronakis , DTU

Wednesday 2nd September 14:00 to 18:00 h
Thursday 3rd September 09:00 to 18:00 h
Friday 4th September 09: 00 to 13:00 h


The COST Action Workshop on Electrospinning of ChitosanS focusing on advanced applications of Electrospinning technology for the creation of functional chitosan-engineered materials with industrial applications. This Workshop will be organized by Gustavo Rivera, Dr. Jose Maria Lagaron and Dr. Ioannis Chronakis. It will consist of 20 high standing talks (à 45 min) and different round tables discussions driven by professionals of both chitosan and electrospinning areas, focusing on the development of new materials for their Agricultural, Biomedical, Food, Nanomedical and Pharmaceutical applications. One of the most important goals of this Workshop is to promote the interactions among multidisciplinary groups and Industry for the establishment of potential international consortia.

Electrospinning, an electrohydrodynamic process is a versatile and promising platform technology for the production of electrospun nanofibrous materials consisting of diverse polymers and polymer composites. This platform process can provide bio- or oil-based polymer nanofibrous materials for the fabrication of innovative biomedical devices and for the fabrication of new technical applications (

Some of the subjects to be covered during the COST Workshop are:

1. Chitosan nanofibers and nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Systems

a.How to improve their fabrication processes using Electrospinning?

2. Chitosan electrospun materials in Agricultural Applications

a. Chitosan as substitute of non-degradable polymers in its formulation.

3. Chitosan nanofibers in Tissue Engineering

4. Chitosan electrospun materials in Food Packaging Innovation

5. Potential influence of ChitosanS characteristics on nanofibrous properties.


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