Publications of ICCC/EUCHIS 2015 Conference


All participants are welcome to submit one or more scientific manuscripts based on their contributions to the Conference. To this end, we have three modalities, namely:

  1. Proceedings volume “Advances in Chitin Science Vol XVI”. Please download the template below (in Word) and use it to type in your paper directly into it. The template also includes the detailed instructions to prepare the draft. The papers will be peer reviewed, before acceptance for the final edited volume. Advances in Chitin Science proceedings series have an ISBN number and are indexed in Chemical Abstracts and Web of Science.
    Template Advances in Chitin Science (Word)
    Template Advances in Chitin Science (PDF)
  2. Papers of the oral presentations along with a selection of other papers will also be published in a special volume of the journal of IUPAC, Pure and Applied Chemistry
    (; impact factor = 3.386).
  3. Also, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) offers to publish a selection of the presented papers in Pharmacy and related subjects in their journal
    (; impact factor=3.799).

In the case of the publications for Pure and Applied Chemistry, and AAPS journals, the submitted manuscripts will follow the normal peer-review process. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in any of these two options.

The deadline to submit the drafts of the manuscripts in any of the three modalities is
30th November 2015.

Please submit your manuscripts via

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

Bruno M. Moerschbacher

Francisco M. Goycoolea